Judith Evan Goldstein



The Voice of Color
Judith Evan Goldstein


Judith Evan Goldstein, a child survivor, began her life in Vilna, Poland, a European center of Jewish culture known as the Jerusalem of Lithuania.  Between 1941 and 1949, she was confined to various Jewish ghettos and was imprisoned in a series of concentration camps where many members of her family were brutally murdered by the Nazis and their collaborators.


After World War II, she settled in the United States, went to college and pursued careers in teaching music, composing and painting. she furthered her studies in music and art therapy.


Judith’s art has been exhibited in numerous museums, galleries, universities and libraries including Yad Va Shem in Israel and the St. Petersburg Holocaust Museum of Art.  Both Judith and her art are prominently featured in the award-winning documentary film As Seen Through These Eyes, narrated by Maya Angelou.


Judith’s musical compositions include songs plus several vocalises for piano and orchestra which have been performed by the Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra Of Westchester, New York and at various museum openings, colleges and conferences in conjunction with her art exhibits.


Judith Evan Goldstein can be reached at JudithMusArt@aol.com